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  5. Paper Pulp Machines For Pulp Mill

    one-stop paper pulp project for you!

    Pulp Mill Machines for Paper Industry

    CNBM(China National Building Material Co., Ltd.) is a China state-owned company, also a member of the Fortune Global 500 companies. We are specialized in cement, composite materials, new building materials, engineering, paper and pulp making, etc.? As a leading paper pulper machine manufacturer, we are aiming at providing the turnkey pulp plant for wood pulp making, straw pulp making or waste paper pulp making. We can both customize complete paper pulp production lines and produce single paper pulp making machine with drawings, including digester, blow tank, vacuum drum washer, disc filter, twin roll press, single screw?press and other pieces of equipment in the paper pulp processing. You can get the high-quality products and one-stop service range from customized design to after service.


    For pulp cooking processing. Vertical and horizontal are available. Sizes range from 50m3 to 400m3 customization.

    vacuum drum washer

    Apply for pulp washing and bleaching processing. Large productivity. Less energy consumption.

    disc filter

    Apply for white water recovery and pulp concentration. High efficiency and less pollution. Less area required.

    twin roll press

    Designed for pulp bleaching. With independent intellectual property rights. High automation and Better washing effect.

    Paper Pulp Mill Machinery Supplier — CNBM
    We Custom Paper Pulping Machines: Pulp Digester, Disc Filter, Blow Tank, etc.

    Pulp Processing

    CNBM has advanced paper pulp processing to support our paper pulp mill production. We can both provide chemical pulp processing and chemi-mechanical pulping. ?Cooking pulp processing, washing pulp processing, and bleaching pulp processing are three typical technologies in the paper pulp production.?→ READ MORE

    pulp cooking processing
    pulp washing processing
    pulp bleaching processing

    Paper Pulp Applications

    For our paper pulper machines, various kinds of raw material are available, such as wood chip, bamboo, sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw, reed, jute, cotton, waste paper, etc.?Based on the technology like chemical pulp processing and chemi-mechanical pulp processing, we can provide related paper pulp solution for paper and pulp mills.?→ READ MORE


    our factory
    • Custom-design service: a set of equipment or single machine.
    • Professional production facility: lathe, rolling and bending machine,etc.
    • Advanced technology support:?cooking, washing, bleaching pulp processing.
    • Production capacity:?annual productivity amounts to 20,000 tons.
    • 50 years experience: takes 50% market share in China and?exported to 20?countries
    • One stop service: pre-sale, sale and after sale service.

    Production Facility

    vertical lathe

    Vertical Lathe

    rolling machine

    Rolling Machine

    bending machine

    Bending Machine

    boring and milling machine

    Boring and Milling Machine

    Our Certifications

    paper pulper machine of CNBM pass ASME certification


    IOS 9001

    ISO9001 certification of CNBM

    IOS 9001

    design licence of paper pulp machine

    Design Licence

    Our Parteners

    PT Pabrik

    Ask Now
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